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My main interest is in Kazakh, Uzbek, and Karakalpak music, since those are the people and languages I've been most exposed to in Central Asia. This list is focused on vocal music, since one of my reasons for searching out this music is language learning / maintenance.

Please note that this page is infrequently updated. If you notice broken links and wish to see them fixed, please let me know.

For those interested in Central Asian music, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings has asked for the following release to be publicized:

Smithsonian Folkways and the Aga Khan Music Initiative are excited to announce the March 30th release of Volumes 7-9 of the unprecedented, comprehensive, and GRAMMY-nominated "Music of Central Asia" series. Coordinated with the releases is a series of concerts, including a performance with the Kronos Quartet at the Carnegie Hall in New York on March 14th.

Details on each CD/DVD release:

For more information on these releases, please visit http://www.folkways.si.edu/centralasia. They also have a Facebook fan page where you can get connected.

I plan to review these recordings soon.


Kazakh (Qazaq) Music


Karakalpak (Qaraqalpaq) Music


Uzbek Music


Kalmyk Music

OK, Kalmykia isn't in Central Asia, but Kalmyk music is akin to C-A music in many ways. And we have some favorites.


Thanks to the Flags Of The World web site for the flag images, by Mark Sensen (first three) and António Martins.
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