The XPath Visualizer Version 1.4

This is a full blown Visual XPath Interpreter for the evaluation of any XPath expression and visual presentation of the resulting nodeset or scalar value.

The XPath Visualizer's value as an XSLT and XPath learning and authoring tool results from its ability to present the results of any XPath expression in an immediate, appealing and straightforward visualization. It allows the user to define their own dynamic xsl:variable and xsl:key elements and to use variable references and the key() functions in their XPath expressions.

The XPath Visualizer remembers and makes available to manage and reuse any previously entered expression, variable or key definition.

The source XML Document is displayed with any node hi-lighted that satisfies the XPath expression. In case the expression evaluates to a scalar (string | number | boolean) then it is displayed in a separate window.

The expandable/collapsible syntax color-coded display of the source XML Document is the same as done by default by Internet Explorer.

The latest version of the XPath Visualizer is 1.4 (29 Aug, 2001).

This tool can be used for:

  1. Composing and visually verifying the exact XPath expression when designing an XSLT stylesheet.
  2. Obtaining the quantitative characteristics of a xml document -- counts, sums, arithmetical and relational results, strings, substrings etc.
  3. As a "nodeset view" in a watch window of an XSLT debugger.
  4. Conveniently obtaining subsets of elements by defining and referencing xsl:variables and xsl:keys.
  5. Learning and playing with XPath expressions.
  6. Learning and playing with xsl:variables and xsl:keys.
  7. As a good example how to process completely un-anticipated XML documents using "push processing".

The latest version of the XPath Visualizer is 1.4 (29 Aug., 2001).

The XPath Visualizer works with the Standard MSXML 3 or later.

Do enjoy,
Dimitre Novachev

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