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Yogurt success!

Posted by on April 1, 2014

A few years ago I tried my hand at making yogurt. The first few times I met with great success. Then suddenly I had two or three tries that ended with a crock pot of whey with about a half inch of yogurt. 🙁 Thankfully, the whey was great in smoothies and soups and other things, but it wasn’t yogurt. But I gave up on making my own yogurt.

Have you noticed, however, that dairy prices are skyrocketing? The basic milk at the grocery store is $4 a gallon. And yogurt is also pricey, especially Greek yogurt. So when I found milk on clearance, I thought it was time to give yogurt making a go.

Time to search for a recipe again, and preferably a different one since my last attempts had failed. (I do think a lot of that may be due to a crock pot that heated too hot and too fast.)

I found a new recipe that advertised “fool-proof crock pot yogurt.” After my failed attempts, I was a bit skeptical, but thought I would try since the blog author said if you follow the directions precisely, it would work. Yesterday I began the process. I was surprised how long the milk took to heat up. Over five hours to reach 185F. Then it took another 3.5 hours to drop back to the ideal temp of 110F for adding in the starter and sticking it all in the oven.

The results were well worth the extra vigilance. It worked! This morning I had beautiful, creamy, white yogurt. Just had a bowl with a spoon of honey and it was delicious. One jar of it is already gone after all of us snacking on it. 🙂

Unfortunately, I was so excited to scoop out the thick yogurt, that I didn’t think of taking a photo, but I will take a photo of it in the jar and spoon and post it.

I am giving credit of the success to the blog author, “Granny Miller”! And the failure, at least in part, to the crock pot I used before. I did have to adjust the recipe a bit because I used my smaller crock pot, since I don’t trust the big one which failed me.

I am once again a happy yogurt maker!

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