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Tadpole rescue

Posted by on July 24, 2013

IMG_0603In the last few weeks, there was a lot of rain. The girls played in mud puddles in the alley, and found frog eggs in one of them.

But when the rain lessened, the puddle began to dry up. Not wanting the eggs to die, we tried adding water. But over the course of a few days, as the ground around the puddle dried, it was clear we weren’t going to keep up. Some of the eggs seemed to have popped when exposed to air. The good news was that some eggs had already hatched into tadpoles.

Anna and Jo made an attempt to rescue some eggs by scooping them up, along with mud and water, into a yoghurt container that we would keep in the shade and keep filled with water. But in the process, the eggs seemed have popped anyway. However, they did catch over a dozen big tadpoles.

IMG_0608Around that time, some friends were selling a small aquarium cheap, and we bought it. Now those tadpoles are enjoying the aquarium and we’re enjoying them. We feed them shredded lettuce, and they seem to be happy with it.

The girls are having a good time watching the tadpoles push lettuce across the surface. They pointed out to me that the tadpoles not only have legs (which they call arms), but you can even count their toes!

Soon we’re going to have to build them a ramp so they can get out and breathe when they grow up!

One Response to Tadpole rescue

  1. Lars

    Update: We saved most of the tadpoles. We found two that had died, three were unaccounted for (escaped into the kitchen??), and eight that we released back into our yard after they grew up. Hooray!